8th Grade IM Resources

Resources by Unit:

Learning Goals for all units

Unit 1 Resources

Unit 2 Resources

Unit 3 Resources

Unit 4 Resources

Unit 5 Resources

Unit 6 Resources

Unit 7 Resources

Unit 8 Resources

Unit 9 Resources


Links to Online Resources:

Illustrative Mathematics

Open Up Resources

8th Grade Blog by Leeane Branham

Math 8 Online Resources by Alta Sierra Intermediate School

Entire IM “Enhancement” List

Geogebra IM Resources

Geogebra Recurring Applets



*Teacher Created Materials:

Google Slide decks for entire unit (cool downs included)

Practice problems by unit

Word Wall Words

“I can” Student Self Assessments

Unit Outline with activities

Student Task Statements

Teacher Lesson Plans

Lesson Summaries

OUR Standards Based Grading Guide: 8th grade

Geogebra IM Resources

Lesson Planning Template


Mathematical Language Routines Resources:

Three Reads Protocol

Supporting Academic Language and Content in Mathematics


*The materials listed above were created by talented educators across the country dedicated to helping one another with the Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum.

This is a living document so please contact me if you’d like to add anything to the list or have your name added to the resource you created.

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