6th Grade IM Resources

Resources By Unit:

Learning Goals for all units

Unit 1 Resources

Unit 2 Resources

Unit 3 Resources

Unit 4 Resources

Unit 5 Resources

Unit 6 Resources

Unit 7 Resources

Unit 8 Resources

Unit 9 Resources


Links to Online Resources:

Illustrative Mathematics

Open Up Resources

Geogebra IM Resources

Geogebra Recurring Applets

Math 6 Online Resources by Alta Sierra Intermediate School



*Teacher Created Materials:

PDFs of student books

Google Slide decks for each unit (cool downs included)

Word Wall Words

Practice Problems by Unit

6th Grade Units Overviews: description of units including learning goals, vocabulary introduced, required materials and blackline masters

Lesson Summaries

OUR Standards Based Grading Guide: Grade 6

Entire IM “Enhancement” List

Answer Keys for Every Unit

Lesson Planning Template


Mathematical Language Routines Resources:

Three Reads Protocol 

Supporting Academic Language and Content in Mathematics


*The materials listed above were created by talented educators across the country dedicated to helping one another with the Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum.

This is a living document so please contact me if you’d like to add anything to the list or have your name added to the resource you created.

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