Wow! What a busy school year it has been so far. I can honestly say being able to work with teachers and students in one building on a daily basis has made me a much better math coach and opened my eyes to the challenges of implementing a brand new curriculum. I am in awe each day of the hard work the teachers that I work with continue to do to support their students in their mathematical journeys.  

One of the main things our school is focusing on this year is questioning. What types of questions are we asking our students to engage them in mathematics, assess their understandings and improve their reasoning skills? In the book Principles to Action (NCTM, 2014), 4 types of teacher questions are introduced as a framework to categorize the types of questions that teachers ask.

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 2.52.39 PM

Identifying the types of questions to ask your students and when to ask them is a key component to lesson planning. All of the above question types are important aspects of classroom interactions to fully gage how well students are making sense of the mathematics and allow for rich discussions where students are able to clarify their understandings, develop convincing arguments and learn from one another.  So challenge yourself in your planning to include all four questions types from the framework above. 

If you are looking for a lesson planning template specific to IM, follow this link

For a simple template to use to incorporate the 4 NCTM question types in an IM lesson, follow this link




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